Dear Cinemax, Quarry deserves a second season

Quarry by Cinemax

Back from the nightmare of Vietnam, private Mac Conway becomes Quarry the hitman. There is all the harshness of the seventies in this Cinemax TV show starring Logan Marshall-Green.

Quarry is a nickname. To be precise, the one given by the Broker – a mysterious man looking for a killer – to Mac Conway. A marine who just got back from Vietnam in the summer of 1972. In the US everybody hated that war, but the ones who had to pay the price of that chaos more than everybody else were the soldiers. The same guys who risked their lives for their country, and whose only crime was to accept a gun that someone else put in their hands.

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Quarry: Mac with The Broker

Quarry: Mac and The Broker

Mac (Logan Marshall-Green) is one of these soldiers. Together with his friend Arthur (Jamie Hector) he did a few trips from Memphis – his hometown – to Asia. During the last one, they even took part in the massacre of the people living in a small Vietnamese village. A bad story the public opinion didn’t ignore.

The two friends came back to their loved ones. Mac to Joni (interpreted by a beautiful Jodi Balfour) and Arthur to his wife Ruth (Nikki Amuka-Bird). Both, however, quickly realize that their Country does not want them anymore.
They cannot find a job, people look at them in a strange way, the government is not helping them to reintegrate. And all of this together with the bloody flashbacks that are driving them crazy day and night.

When The Broker (Peter Mullan) tries to hire them to kill some people, Mac refuses, but Arthur accepts. And his first mission will change their lives forever.

Quarry’s pilot looks like a movie. Both for quality and for length. Logan Marshall-Green is very good in playing the ex-soldier mentally disturbed who wants to become anything but a criminal. Honestly, it was much less interesting Shakir interpretation, but his role is not so central for the story.

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Quarry: season 2 was not confirmed

Quarry: season two was not confirmed

The episodes following the pilot are less engaging as if Mac was looking for himself. A character who tries to figure out how the hell he ended up in that story and who has no clear way out. The series, however, takes off when the main female character takes the lead. Joni as well seems to suffer the script in episodes two, three and four but contributes to the evolution of the series starting from the end of the fourth episode.

Joni has realized that her man is entangled in bloody events. She is taking a warm bath to disguise the tears with steam while Mac comes in and sits next to the tub. First, he tells her the truth about what he did and right after he asks her to face everything with him.

Eight episodes that engage the audience and offer an honest look at the America of the seventies. A complicated and violent decade where so many “Mac” got lost and as many “Joni” were not able to find them.

Two scenes of Quarry season one have been unforgettable. The first one is about a racist incident with a bus of Afro-American students that got stopped by some violent racist activists armed with sticks and chains. The second scene is the one in which Mac has a flashback about what happened in that village in Vietnam. Horrible scenes. Perhaps even beyond what the storytelling would have really required.

The series is based on the novels by Max Allan Collins (15, the first of which in 1976). For the moment Cinemax didn’t confirm a second season for Quarry. In the meantime enjoy the first one, believe me, it is not bad at all.

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True detective season one

True detective: same feelings as Quarry?

Something similar

True Detective season 1, with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, was definitely its best one. Besides of these two great actors, the story is compelling, mysterious and absolutely entertaining. It gets directly into your gut leaving you a weird feeling of disgust and pleasure. Quarry pilot gives the same kind of feelings and, even if the evolution of the story takes a different path, there are some similarities between them two.

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