Venice Film Festival 2018, another Mexican lion. Cuarón this time.

Venice Film Festival 2018 - Roma, Alfonso Cuarón

Alfonso Cuarón’s Roma wins the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival 2018.

Alfonso Cuarón’s Roma won the most important prize at the Venice Film Festival 2018, last Sunday. The movie is scheduled to be released in Europe in October and in the  US on the 14th of December. Critics and reviewers were enthusiastic and in many said this is the best Cuarón movie ever.     

Synopsis (no spoilers)

We are in 1971 (one year after the World Cup in Mexico City as we can see from some posters), Colonia Roma is the name of the Mexico City district where everything happens. The protagonist a young cleaning lady named Cleo (Yalitza Aparicio) and the people she works for. A story about love, the central role of the family in the Mexican society, and the many facets of human suffering, showed in black and white, in a Country facing a change of epochal dept.

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Venice Film Festival 2018 - Golden Lion

Venice Film Festival 2018 – The Golden Lion

One-Breath Review

Cuarón proves once again his ability in playing with different wide plans and close-ups, an artist able to tell the story to the viewer through the images first. A Golden Lion awarded unanimously that confirms the perfection of his job as a Director and as a Writer. Some says this is his best movie so far, I personally thing that Children of Men is still on another level, even if Roma is close to that. 

Venice Film Festival 2018: Willem Dafoe

Venice Film Festival 2018 – Willem Dafoe

Other prizes assigned at the Venice Film Festival 2018

Willem Dafoe won the Best Actor Award for his Van Gogh interpretation in At Eternity’s Gate. The American actor, who got an Oscar nomination for The Florida Project this year, appeared extremely happy and proud for the award received. Same as Olivia Colman for the Best Actress Award obtained thanks to her interpretation of Queen Anne in The Favorite (a film that, although highly appreciated by critics , many will find edgy and difficult to get). We will soon see this talented British actress as Queen Elizabeth II in the third season of Netflix – The Crown.

The Venice Film Festival is often a prelude of the Oscar night. Ask Guillermo Del Toro, who won the last edition with his wonderful The Shape of Water and, a few months later, received the Oscar for the best movie as well.

Cuarón is dreaming already.

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